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Isabelle Huot, Dre en nutrition

Fruits and veggies : How to end food waste?


Isabelle Huot, Dre en nutrition

Are fruits too sweet?

All the health experts agree to recommand 5 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. As fruits are sweeter than


Laurie Baron, Dt.P. Nutritionniste


Laurie Baron, Dt.P. Nutritionniste

Celebrating Qubecers

Laurie Baron, Dt.P. Nutritionniste


Laurie Baron, Dt.P. Nutritionniste

Vegetables, eat it raw?

Conventional belief is that raw vegetables are healthier than cooked ones... but are they really?

Save your tops!

Consumed almost exclusively for their part that grows under the ground, root vegetables

What about herbs!

They enhance the flavor of your food, they add vitamins and minerals to the menu, let's talk about Quebec herbs!

The perfect summer athlete nutrition guide!

The nutritional needs of active people are very particular. Overview of keys to optimal sports nutrition!

The ABCs of jazzy and balanced meal salad

Isabelle Huot's best tips to compose a balanced ans tasty meal salad !

The first seasonal vegetables !

Overview of the nutritional value of hasty products [+] Read more

August 28, 2014

Le temps du blé d'inde

Tout sur le maïs! [+] Read more

July 15, 2014

Prévention du cancer: misons sur l'assiette gagnante

5 stratégies pour diminuer son risque de cancer. [+] Read more

June 05, 2014

Fibres au menu, avec nos fruits et nos légumes

Isabelle Huot, docteure en nutrition

on sait que l'on doit consommer suffisamment de fibres pour être en bonn [+] Read more

All you have to know about fruits and vegetables II

Why should we prefer fresh fruits and vegetables instead of their juice ? [+] Read more

All you have to know about fruits and vegetables I

Why do some fruits turn brown when cut? [+] Read more

An Apple a Day...

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" has been a saying known since Eve! It's no wonder that the apple has become th [+] Read more

La pomme de terre retrouve ses lettres de noblesse

La pomme de terre a une excellente valeur nutritive et on aurait tort de s'en priver ! [+] Read more

Colours and their properties

Red: lycopene gives the beautiful colour red to tomato and watermelon. It is an antioxydant playing a preventive role [+] Read more

Colours and their properties

Yellow and orange: carotenoids are responsible for these colors. Lutein and xeaxanthin are two antioxidants in the ca [+] Read more

Colours and their properties

Purple and blue: these colours are associated with plants containing pigments called flavonoids. The flavonoids in bl [+] Read more

Cultivated blueberries; blue gold from Quebec !

Surpassing the cranberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry for its content of antioxidants, the blueberry is a go [+] Read more

All you have to know about fruits and vegetables V

Why avoid cooking fruits and vegetables into water? [+] Read more

All you have to know about fruits and vegetables IV

Why do vegetables become soft over time ? [+] Read more

All you have to know about fruits and vegetables III

Why should we prefer colored fruits and vegetables ? [+] Read more

Five Unsung Vegetables in the Spotlight!

Despite our desire for variety, we often tend to eat the same vegetables. [+] Read more

Quick and Healthy Lunches

With the summer under way, seasonal fruit and vegetables are abundant. What could be more [+] Read more

Better Eating Habits to Stimulate your Immune System

Your immune system enables you to fight off environmental invaders (virus, bacteria). By maximizing your body's natur [+] Read more

VÉGÉTARISME et santé !

L'alimentation végétarienne est de plus en plus en vogue. Le lancement de l'initiative Lundi sans viande, en mars der [+] Read more

Consummation of fruits and vegetables and hypoglycaemia

Fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates, so for hypoglycaemia it is recommend to pair them with a source of prote [+] Read more

Le temps des petits fruits

Enfin, les petits fruits parfumés et savoureux de chez-nous garnissent les étals des marchés, fruiteries et épiceries [+] Read more

L’importance des couleurs dans l’assiette

Les nutritionnistes vantent la consommation de fruits et légumes colorés depuis des années. Même le Guide alimentaire [+] Read more

A smart and sustainable way to protect vegetables

Gone are the days when producers protected their crops from disease, pests and weeds by systematically drenching them [+] Read more

Le mythe des pesticides dans les fruits et légumes

Il est surprenant de voir à quel point les mythes reliés à l'alimentation sont tenaces. Dans un article publié récemm [+] Read more

Mille et une verdures

Certaines verdures comme la laitue iceberg, la laitue romaine et la laitue frisée sont bien connues de tous. On trouv [+] Read more

Mediterranean diet

It was back in the 60s that researcher Ancel Keys discovered Crete's secret for good health: the Mediterranean diet. [+] Read more

Une diète pour abaisser sa tension artérielle

L'hypertension artérielle est un problème d'importance au Canada puisque 22% de la population en souffriraient. Sa pr [+] Read more

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