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Did you know that apples naturally contain pectin, a type of soluble fibre that helps to control blood cholesterol le [+] Read more

Did you know that ... there is a difference in taste between the different colors of cauliflower?
[+] Read more



Did you know that asparagus contains beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, three pigments of the carotenoid family ac [+] Read more


Did you know that deeply coloured, the flesh of the beet is particularly rich in antioxidants? Don't throw away the l [+] Read more

Bell Peppers (red and green)

Did you know that 125ml (½ cup) of green pepper contains as much Vitamin C as an orange, i.e. 70mg? Surprising but tr [+] Read more


Did you know that blueberries are one of the berries that have the highest antioxidant content? The various flavonoid [+] Read more

Boston Lettuce

Did you know that particularly tender, Boston lettuce is often grown using hydroponics? With this method, the roots a [+] Read more


Did you know that broccoli contains several compounds that may help prevent certain types of cancer? Among these comp [+] Read more

Brussel sprout

Did you know that Brussel sprouts are one of the crucifers that are richest in glucosinolates? These valuable phytoch [+] Read more


Did you know that Cantaloupe is delicious for breakfast, as a snack or desert and even as an appetizer? Serve it with [+] Read more


Did you know that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, an antioxidant pigment of the carotenoid family that has a benef [+] Read more


Did you know that cauliflower contains the indole group of phytochemical compounds that are found in most crucifers a [+] Read more


Une grosse boule bosselée et rugueuse, ainsi se présente le céleri-rave qui, malgré son apparence un peu re [+] Read more


Did you know that filled with water, the celery is one of the vegetables with the least calories? To keep them calori [+] Read more

Cello Radish

Did you know how to reduce the spicy taste of radish? Just peel them! You will then be able to enjoy a milder version [+] Read more


Did you know that chicory roots contain inulin, a fibre-soluble prebiotic agent that, among other health benefits, he [+] Read more

Chinese cabbage

Did you know that Bok choy's calcium content is particularly bio-available (i.e. readily used by your body)? It's rat [+] Read more


Did you know that...corn retains all its flavor when baked on BBQ?
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Dry Onions (yellow/red)

Did you know that onions contain sulphur compounds and quercetin, another flavonoid? These substances can help to pre [+] Read more


Did you know what is a moussaka? It's the Greek equivalent of our traditional Sheppard's Pie! Instead of layering bee [+] Read more


Did you know that the endive's flavour has a characteristic bitter bite to it? To make it milder, try cooking it with [+] Read more

Escarole (broad-leaf endive)

Did you know that... [+] Read more

Field cucumber

Did you know that most people eat cucumbers raw, but have you ever tried them cooked? To add variety to your menu, pr [+] Read more

Field Tomatoes

Did you know how to peel tomatoes? Just dip them for a few seconds into boiling water. The peel will strip right off. [+] Read more

French Shallot

Did you know that scallion is often mistakenly called shallot? The real shallot is a bulb resembling a small onion th [+] Read more

Fresh Gherkin

Did you know that store-bought pickled gherkins usually contain a lot of sodium? If you make your own pickles, you ca [+] Read more


Did you know that some people find garlic hard to digest? If you have this problem, eat your garlic cooked rather tha [+] Read more

Green cabbage

Did you know that green cabbage contains lutein and zeaxanthin, both are antioxidant carotenoids that work to protect [+] Read more

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Did you know that the tomato is the best source of lycopene in the North American diet? Lycopene is a red pigment ass [+] Read more

Head Lettuce

Did you know that head lettuce is crunchy and refreshing? Its taste is fairly mild, so don't hesitate to liven it up [+] Read more

Leaf Lettuce

Did you know that Lettuce has a 95% water content? That is why it is so low in calories... providing, of course, it i [+] Read more


Did you know that besides sulphur compounds (since leek is part of the garlic and onion family), leek also contains f [+] Read more

Mini Carrot

Did you know that mini carrots are an ideal lunch and snack food? Already cut and peeled, they are ready to eat. Who [+] Read more


Did you know that mushrooms soak up water very easily? It is preferable to clean them delicately with a little mushro [+] Read more

Nappa cabbage

Did you know that nappa cabbage is round and compact like head cabbage, its light texture and taste are closer to tho [+] Read more


Did you know that parsley is not only flavourful and decorative, it helps to reduce bad breath? Keep some fresh parsl [+] Read more


Did you know that... you can replace the carrots with parsnips in almost any recipe or mix?

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Did you know that an equal weight of potato peel contains 2 to 3 times more fibre than the flesh? Wherever your recip [+] Read more

Potato blue

Did you know that... blue potato is prepared just like the other potatoes?

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Did you know if you could distinguish between a pumpkin and winter squash? Although similar in shape, their stems are [+] Read more


Did you know that Radicchio's lovely purple colour indicates the presence of flavonoids, pigments associated with the [+] Read more


Did you know that... radishes can be eaten cooked?
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Did you know that raspberries are rich in fibre? 125m (½ cup) of this delicious fruit contain as much fibre as 2 slic [+] Read more

Red cabbage

Did you know that red... [+] Read more


Did you know... [+] Read more

Romaine Lettuce

Did you know that Romaine lettuce leaves are a little thicker and more fibrous than those of other types of lettuce? [+] Read more


Did you know that Rutabaga became popular during the War? Perhaps that is why it is not so popular today. Whatever th [+] Read more

Savoy cabbage

Did you know that like other vegetables in the cabbage family, Savoy cabbage contains indoles and isothiocyanates; bo [+] Read more

Scallion (Green Onion)

Did you know that sometimes mistakenly named shallot, scallion are part of the lily family, like garlic, onions and l [+] Read more

Snow Peas

Did you know that a good way to assess a snow pea's freshness? Fold it in two: if it breaks, it is fresh. On the othe [+] Read more

Spaghetti Squash

Did you know that once cooked for 45 minutes to an hour at 180oC (350oF)), the spaghetti squash can be separated with [+] Read more

Spanish Onion

Did you know that... Spanish onions are among the sweetest onions?
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Did you know that spinach is one of the vegetables that have the highest iron content? Since vegetable iron is not as [+] Read more


Did you know that strawberries are rich in antioxidants, including anthocyanidins and ellagic acid? These two flavono [+] Read more

String Beans (wax and green)

Did you know that...there is a difference in taste between the yellow and green beans?
[+] Read more


Did you know that turnip isn't rutabaga? The turnip has white flesh and a purple collar and its leaves are rough, whe [+] Read more

Water Melon

Did you know how to add water melon in a fruit salad? Prepare a fruit salad with your favourite fruit and water melon [+] Read more

Zucchini Squash

Did you know that... [+] Read more